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How to make an Kodi (XBMC) SD card for the Wandboard

First, download the rootfs from http://download.geexbox.org/snapshots/

Choose rootfs named geexbox-devel-20150507-r7ff0910.cuboxi.tar.xz

SD card creation

About instruction:

Step 1. Build u-boot bootloader.

Clone u-boot from https://github.com/wandboard-org/u-boot-fslc.git

Build u-boot from (We use the SPL u-boot, since that can boot on all Wandboard variants)

Step 2. Prepare kernel

Build kernel as a zImage from https://github.com/wandboard-org/linux

make wandboard_defconfig
make menuconfig

Change GPU driver from v3.10.53 to v3.10.17 (drivers -> mxc support drivers -> mxc vivante gpu -> gpu driver version)

make zImage

Step 3. Prepare device tree

Build kernel dtb from the same git as above ( https://github.com/wandboard-org/linux )

make wandboard.dtb

Step 4. Partition the SD card

Partition your SD card in two partitions, but leave some space before your first partition, around 128kB is more than enough.

partition 1: 8MB for fat16 format, then set boot mode using fdisk.
partition 2: rest of size for ext4 format.

Step 5. Format SD card

Format /dev/sdx1 as FAT16 and ext4 type for /dev/sdx2.

Step 6 Make SD card bootable

Copy SPL image to the unpartitioned are before the first partition using command the command:

# sudo dd if=SPL of=/dev/sdX bs=1k seek=1 oflag=dsync

Copy u-boot.img, zImage, wandboard dtb files into /dev/sdx1

Step 7. Prepare rootfs

Extract Geexbox rootfs tar file to /dev/sdx2


Getting started

Log in with root / root

(login only needed on the debug console)