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Wandboard Dual

The Wandboard is a low cost board based on the i.MX6 multicore ARM Cortex-A9 family of processors. In consists of a core module based on the EDM standard and a simple to extend baseboard.

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Bootable Sdcard Images

Download Prebuild ready-to-run images for a quick start with your Wandboard

FreeBSD for Wandboard

Linux development resources


Wandboard Linux kernel git: (Don't forget to select branch)

New Linux kernel for Wandboard Wandboard Linux Kernel 3.10.17 Status


The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that provides templates, tools and methods to help you create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products.
On Wandboard, Yocto makes use of the metadata layers provided by the Freescale Community BSP
Getting started with Yocto on Wandboard

Qt5 in Yocto

Building Qt5 using yocto on Wandboard has instructions for building Qt5 on the Wandboard and a cross Qt5 version in your host machine to develop Qt5 applications and deploy them directly to your Wandboard using QtCreator.

Integrate Qt5 into yocto sato image on Wandboard has a guideline for building Qt5(qpa is X11) on the Wandboard and Setup QT creator for developing QT apps on wandboard helps you to set up developing environment for QT5 applications on wandboard.

SATA boot in Yocto

Wandboard SATA boot in yocto

Linux Distributions for Wandboard

Archlinux ARM

ArchLinux ARM is a port of Arch Linux, which aims for simplicity and full control to the end user. It provides a light-weight base structure that allows you to shape the system to your needs. Get started with Arch on the Wandboard


Official Fedora 20 ARM downloads:

Wandboard image installation:



How to get started with Embedded Android on the Wandboard How to build and deploy Android on an SD card

"Official" Android source git:

Unofficial mirror: git://

Android Compiling Virtual Machine



Segger J-Link


Get Involved

Join the group mailing list or join the forums

To submit patches for Wandboard platform projects and ask questions related to kernel development, subscribe to mailing list.

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