Making a Fedora 22 SD card for Wandboard

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Wandboard has been under experimental support for Fedora 20, 21 and 22 (which is the latest at the time of writing).

This article describes how to make a Fedora SD card bootable on all Wandboard variants (solo, dual, quad).

How to make a Fedora 22 SD card

The official instructions are at

Applying the official instructions is a little inconvenient since the SD cards are made using a Fedora-only tool (which means, you need to run Fedora on your desktop to make the SD cards).

At the time of writing, a general SD card snapshot image is located at

Step 1.

Prepare an SD card using the Fedora tool or make it from the snapshot link above.

Step 2. (optional)

By default Fedora has pre-compiled u-boots for the WB Solo, Dual and Quad.

Many users are probably fine with that, so the rest of step 2 are optional.

Step 2a (optional)

In order to make an SD card that boots for all WB variants, u-boot has to be replaced with the SPL u-boot supporting all board variants.

This u-boot is to be compiled from source code, patcher with Fedora's distribution patches.

The Fedora specific patches can be found in uboot-tools-2014.10-0.5.rc3.fc22.src.rpm, downloadable from

Step 2b (optional)

Clone the wandboard u-boot from

Apply patches 0001 through 0007. Also apply an additional 8th patch from:

Step 2c (optional)

After patching the SPL u-boot, compile it with the usual:

make wandboard_spl_defconfig

and install SPL and u-boot with

sudo dd if=SPL of=/dev/sdX bs=1k seek=1 oflag=dsync

sudo dd if=u-boot.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1k seek=69 oflag=dsync