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Please add questions here, and help provide/improve the answers if you know them.

About booting

My board won't boot. What is the problem?

See Troubleshooting a board that won't boot.

About connecting screens and peripherals

How well do the GPU and VPU work?

The i.MX6 processor has an on-board Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for 2D and 3D graphics acceleration and Video Processing Unit (VPU) for video compression and decompression.
GPU/VPU support in ubuntu/linaro is patchy. 12.04 is OK, anything later is work in progress... VPU H.264 video encoding works well in Yocto, using the 3.0.35 kernel.

How is the HDMI resolution defined?

HDMI resolution detection depends on the identification information returned from the monitor (EDID), but can be overridden using the uEnv.txt boot file, or by modifying the Linux bootargs in U-boot using a serial port.

How do I use the SATA port on Wandboard Quad?

The WBQUAD has a working SATA port fitted. Because there is no on-board connector for an external drive, you need an additional power supply for drive.

How do I connect to the serial port?

Use a Null Modem Cable. If your computer only has USB, connect with a USB-to-serial adapter. (How to connect a a Mac)

Communication parameters are: 115200 bits/sec, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. No hardware flow control is used.

See also this message on the mailing list.

It is usefull to know, that board can boot without USB-to-Serial cable (mine was not showing any good at boot time). You can compile in NetConsole support into your bootloader and have console over ethernet, at least it will help figuring out why board doesn't want to boot. See message here

About electrical characteristics

What type of power supply should I use?

For power, you will need a regulated 5V 2A DC power supply with a positive center pin. The barrel connector should be 5.5 mm outer diameter with greater than 2.1mm inner diameter.

What is the current draw of Wandboard?

Current to boot-up is about 800mA.

About the mechanics

How is the enclosure made?

Per this post:

  • the enclosure available from the distributors is molded plastic
  • if you want to print your own, the 3D step files are available on the download page.

How hot does Wandboard get when running?

In free air, running a GPU demo, the processor gets to about 20 celcius above ambient. While assembling Qt from source, with 50x50x30mm old CPU radiator on top, I got ~45 celsius measured on radiator (driectly above CPU) for DUO board.


Where do I go if I can't find the information I need on this site?

Check the google group for peripheral/kernel details.